General Rules and Procedures


All players will respect and adhere to the rules of TWBL and will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion. Taunting, berating or other types of disrespectful conduct towards opponents/commissioners will not be tolerated. Any violations may result in an ejection from the game. Formal protests can be made to the commissioner on staff at your field. Judgement calls cannot be protested. Calls by the commissioner will be final. Rules not stated herein will follow the rules of Major League Baseball. And lastly, live your backyard wiffle ball dreams to the fullest and have fun.

Game Arrival and Late Policy

This year (2020), games are scheduled each hour from 5:00 PM CST – 8:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. However, at least two members of the team are required to arrive to their game 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of their game. If two players have not arrived at this time without proper communication with the opposing team and a league official, they will be considered late and receive a “strike.”

Proper communication specifies that teams with knowledge that they won’t be able to attend their game will communicate this to the opposing team and league official before 11:59 PM on the date prior to the game to be missed. (i.e. if I am a team captain and I know my team will miss my game on June 3rd, I will text, call, or email both the opposing team and a league commissioner on June 2nd before 11:59 PM). Failure to communicate on time will result in a “strike.”

The “Strike Policy is as follows:

    1. Teams will receive a “strike” if they
      1. Show up later than 15 minutes before the game start time and have not communicated properly with the opposing team and a league commissioner.
      2. “No show” their game without providing any prior communication with the opposing team and a league commissioner.
    2. The “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Rule applies here – if a team receives three “strikes” over the course of a season, they will be removed from the league without right to a refund.


  1. Teams are permitted to submit an appeal to the commissioning staff after receiving a strike.
  2. This appeal is meant to give teams a chance to remove the strike for an unforeseeable, last minute reason approved by a league commissioner.
  3. If an appeal is denied, the “strike” will remain on the team’s record.

Please remember, these rules are not hard to follow. They are in place because we want to ensure every team has an equal opportunity to get the most value from their TWBL experience. There are always two teams at a game – remember that they paid just as much and should have them same chance to play every game they paid for.

Weather Delays and Reschedules

TWBL wants to keep player safety a priority. In the event of inclement weather, TWBL reserves the right to cancel and reschedule games impacted by the weather. A TWBL commissioner will be in charge of assessing field condition prior to the schedule of games for the day. There will be no strike penalty in the event that rain delays or impacts the regular schedule of games.

Roster Changes

Roster changes can be made up until the day of the All-Star Game. This means that any players can be added, dropped, or traded at the team’s expense until this deadline. After this deadline, rosters are frozen and rosters are to remain the same for the remainder of the season.

Adding and Dropping Players:

Teams are allowed to add and drop players throughout the first half at the season without penalty. Since teams pay the entry fee and not individual players, it is up to the team captain to manage how the remaining team members are paying their share. If a player is added to the roster, team captains have discretion on how to handle receiving or waiving payment from said player.

Trading Players:

Though trades are highly rare and often discouraged by the commissioning staff, they are still permitted during the roster changes window. A player trade must be approved by the commissioning staff before completion of the trade. This gives a commissioner “veto power” on a trade and they act as the final say to ensure fairness and to eliminate collusion.

Player Participation

Continued from previous years, each player in the league will be required to participate in half of their games to be able to participate in postseason games. To maintain fairness throughout the league and ensure that teams aren’t stacking rosters at the last minute, this rule will be strictly enforced. Participation in a game includes recording an at-bat as a batter or recording a batter-faced as a pitcher.

We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances, which is why for players that were rosterd in TWBL at the beginning of the season, we will host another appeal process for players that played in less than half of their games for unforeseeable and last minute circumstances. The appeal process will be identical to the “strike” appeal process (see Game Arrival and Late Policy).

League Contacts

Contact Name Role Phone Email
Will Marshall Founder, Head Commissioner 214-966-0650
Jack Hoving Commissioner, IT Director 972-839-4272