The second largest league in the nation


The Texas Wiffle Ball Leauge offers teams between 8 and 10 games in the regular season each week! League games are traditionally held on Monday and Wednesday nights but can change due to weather and other reschedules.


Beginning last year in 2018, our team introduced our very own online stats system. It trims down all the mess of modern baseball stats and allows TWBL players to view game-by-game stats that fire up competition.


The Texas Wiffle Ball League strives to bring it’s members weekly highlight reels from all the action that takes place around Carr Park. With our implementation of Go Pros and drones, you can watch the best wiffs and misses from our in-game action.


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Gather Your Friends And Create A New Team For The Upcoming Summer

The 2019 season of the Texas Wiffle Ball League is quickly approaching and that means it is time to gather your friends and sign up for another summer of wiffle! For new members, teams are generally comprised of 4 to 5 players. However, there is no limit to the amount of people you can roster. It is highly encouraged that your team members have a fairly flexible summer so they can be present to build up the stat sheet and hit as many dingers as possible…

2019 Curtsinger Camp: Learn More About TWBL’s Favorite Summer Event

2019 Curtsinger Camp is our most proud tradition in the Texas Wiffle Ball League. To properly kick off each summer, the TWBL staff hosts a three-day-long camp at Curtsinger Elemetary in Frisco, TX for its students. Campers will learn about TWBL and how fun it can be to make summers about playing in the league. While Wiffle Ball is a focus of this camp, it is just one among so many amazing activities that campers take part in. From “Fruit Ninja” to Water Ballon Dodgeball to Homerun Derby, Wiffle Ball camp become a unique and popular way to begin another summer in Texas…

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